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Sharing platter - marinated olives, capsicum, artichoke, parmesan, Jamon Serrano, Salami, smoked ocean trout, pesto toasted pita



With the choice between Goat cheese & black rice, or, Jalapeno & Mozzarella, or,  served with pesto, house tomato relish & garlic aioli


Spaghetti Bolognese



Our oysters are delivered fresh & unopened from Coffin Bay or Tasmania. Real freshly shucked in our premise, served with mignonette & fresh lemon


Wasabi Salt & Pepper Calamari

with garlic aioli & fresh lemon


Fish & Chips

Battered flathead fillets, french fries, house tartare & fresh lemon



we do cocktails, tap beers, wines and also non alcoholic options, vegan options. 

Ramos gin fizz

1 of our feature classics

Muyu Specials

Bartender Exclusive series by De Kuyper

Acqua Bianca

Perfect for cocktails, neat or over ice

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We do make any other classics and also, please free feel to ask for our Specials or signature creations.

Muyu Specials

Information about Muyu, a series of exclusive modern liqueur designed by famous bartenders

and De Kuyper Royal Distillers. Each liqueur begins with a precious extraction of a single

note, and then the secondary sequences of extraordinary ingredients are wrapped around

each note to create a completely developed and complex liqueur.  

Acqua Bianca Liqueur

is made using all natural ingredients such as, peppermint, rose, lemon and bergamot. Bound with thw essence of ambergris to create an aroma and depth of flavour unlike any order, its fragrance is equal to the most refined perfume with a gentle sweetness and floral notes.

It is a key elements of one of our featured cocktails, 

Casa Bianca


Acqua Bianca - 30ml

Lime blossom infused vodka - 30ml

Fresh lime juice - 30ml

Honey / Elderflower syrup - 20ml

Fresh mint - optional


shake with ice


Nick & Nora


good & wide selections of national & international bubbles, whites & reds. For further updated information, feel free to click on any item link on the right to find out more, visit or contact us.

Beer Stubbies




And actually, we do boutique barista coffee as well. If you need a late professional coffee, welcome to come to us. 

regular in house / small takeaway 8oz


mug in house / medium takeaway 12oz


takeaway large 16oz



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