What make us unique

Stubbornness - sounds negative, isn't it? But at the same time, we are aiming to give the highest quality to our guests.

Expertise - each team member of ours has a minimum of supervisor level in our industry, plus hospitality as our study background. We know what we are doing & achieving, and more important is, how. The most important is, we have the passion and the right attitude.

Value - aiming to give the best value to the local

Glocalization - think global, act local. With the backup from our Asian & European knowledge, we support & consider local as priority, help local community, small business. Of course, we do have ingredients & products from other countries. But local fresh produce is a must in our venue.

Our Team & Little Background

We first started our business as a little cafe at Annerley which named as Great Cafe & Restaurant since 2008. In 2013, we successfully moved to the current location, Spring Hill, name changed to Great Bar & Restaurant. We had to sell our business by some unexpected reason after 5 years and just recently came back again in 2021.


Our team has a real passion & dream in the F&B industry, with local & international professional education background and multi awards winning,

  • Le Bocuse d'Or, Lyon, France 
  • Hong Kong Food Festival Competition, HK
  • Milton Rum Competition, Brisbane
  • The Gresham Greenhorn Starward Competition, Brisbane

We worked in hotels, casino and Queensland Parliament House, which allowed us to served different types & levels of guests. It helps us in satisfying & delighting our guests.